How Can I Stay Healthy? The Secrets to Living a Long and Energetic Life. Healthy Methods Practiced by an 81-year-old Japanese Doctor


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Kenko 100-sai Club Founder/Host
Doctor : Tadayo Hata

Every day, I go out to the pool to swim a 500-yard freestyle without taking a break and walk 1200 steps afterwards. My daily routine almost makes me forget I had a stroke that left my lower half of the body paralyzed just three years ago. And now, I spend my life going back and forth from Osaka to Taiwan and Los Angeles every so often.

Growing up in Japan amidst World War II, I constantly suffered from malnutrition and have been told repeatedly I will not live long. However, by my 28th birthday, I was able to become a doctor and set up a hospital. After marketing a lactobacillus supplement that my bacteriologist brother developed, I adopted that as part of my daily diet, which allowed me to wave goodbye to my former, feeble self. I intend to introduce everyone answers to the three following questions: What exactly is this "Hata Lactobacillus" that improved my health conditions? What changes occurred in me during my clinical experiment? How can I use "Hata Lactobacillus" to provide relief in today's society?
There is nothing that makes me happier than being able to contribute to everyone's wishes of living a long, healthy life.

As you can see, I do waking and swimming everyday, although I'm 80 years old.

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Dr. Hata Biography

1959 Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
1960 Finished Medical Training at Osaka Red Cross Hospital
Passed the National Medical Practitioners Qualifying Examination
1964 Founded the Shionomiya Hospital
1969 Assumed Chairman Position of Seiken-Kai Foundation
Founded the Shionomiya-Onsen Hospital of Seiken-Kai Foundation, Assumed Chairman Position
1971 Established the Seiken-Kai Foundation Nursing School and Assumed Principal Position
1980 Established the Hata Clinic, Assumed Chairman Position
2011 Assumed Chairman Position of Seiken-Kai Foundation


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